Root Point offers all Digium equipment and phones including PBX equipment, adapter cards and telephone handsets.



All Digium phones are easy to configure and POE capable with native phone apps like Voicemail, Directory, Call Park, Call Recording, Call Queues and more with the ability to use custom built phone applications.  They have multiple line appearances, context-aware soft keys and advanced applications.


Telephony Cards


  • A4 4 port FXS/FXO cards
  • A8 8 port FXS/FXO cards
  • 2400 Series 24 port cards



  • 8 Port BRI/Analog Hybrid Card



  • Single Span - 24 channel (T1) or 30 channel (E1) card
  • Dual Span - 48 channel (T1) or 60 channel (E1) card
  • Quad Span - 96 channel (T1) or 120 channel (E1) card
  • Octal Span - 192 Channel (t1) or 240 channel (E1) card
  • Euro ISDN BRI B410P for up to four EuroISDN BRI