Cloud computing services are purely about efficiency. With no IT staff or additional infrastructure necessary, cloud computing allows you to utilize the internet and intranet to use fewer resources and enhance your productivity. With Root Point's cloud services, IT infrastructure is no longer a capital investment.

Cloud computing is a powerful tool that replaces on-site equipment to provide universal access to all digital resources instantly. Flexible IT resources allow you to scale up or down as needed and obtain the resources needed with the touch of a button. Root Point manages the maintenance, planning, troubleshooting and backup while your business gains access to IT infrastructure on a global scale.

For those businesses not ready to do a full migration, we offer hybrid solutions that combine onsite and cloud services. We also provide SaaS, IaaS, Hosted Exchange and business continuity.


Your vital systems and data are always protected from loss through geographical redundancy


24/7/365 to assistance

Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your infrastructure

Data Protection

Data backup and secure data storage


Virtual desktop anywhere, anytime

Document Sharing

Access to servers, storage, database and applications